When I first visited this garden it was virtually a blank canvas. The owners had already stripped out most of the garden and all that remained was a shed, an old diseased apple tree and a very uneven concrete patio screened by a vine covered rickety old pergola.

The brief was to open up the view down the garden, and include two seating/dining areas. The owners were also keen to have a pond and wanted to have a fruit tree if space allowed.

The new garden includes a raised sandstone patio retained by a rendered wall with steps leading down to a curving Belgian clay pavior path. The path branches off by a small wildlife pond to a screened off utility area, accessed through a plant covered arch. A second sandstone patio partly enclosed by an L-shaped pergola sits in the opposite corner of the garden.

Planting includes an espaliered apple tree and various shrubs, perennials and bulbs to give interest throughout the year.