On the Drawing Board

Garden in Chipstead

We were appointed to produce a design for this blank canvas of a garden in Chipstead for a young couple and their two Labradors. The brief was to design a garden with various areas for entertaining that would make the most of the beautiful view across the adjoining fields and provide play space for the dogs to enjoy too.

The new extension will look out onto the dining terrace enclosed by herbaceous planting. Six roof trained trees will provide shade and frame the view to the outdoor kitchen and lounge areas. The lounge will have a feature wall with suspended fireplace and two sofas, and the kitchen will have an L-shaped bar and stools.

The games room looks out onto a gravel garden with a winding path that leads to a large sculptural  water bowl for the dogs to paddle in on a hot day. Planting on either side of the path will be drought tolerant grasses and gauzy herbaceous plants that will sway in the breeze.

The two lawns will double up as spaces for guests to spill out onto and will keep the dogs happy!

The existing garden office will be extended with a partially enclosed canopy to provide a space for the screening of movies during the summer evenings.

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