How we work

Garden Design Consultation

Garden Design Consultation

The garden design consultation will involve a site visit to discuss your requirements and to go through design options. Following the meeting we will send you a design brief along with a quotation for the various stages of the design.

The Garden Survey

A topographical survey will be required, noting all features and levels. On a complex site, this will be carried out by a professional surveyor.

Concept Garden design

The concept design will be produced based on your brief and ideas discussed during the design consultation. It will comprise a digitally drawn layout of your garden and suggested materials and styles. It will be accompanied by some or all the following: Mood boards, 3D visuals and CGI renders to give you a clear idea of our vision for your garden.

Outline Garden Design

We will meet to discuss the Concept design and agree on required amendments. Changes to the Concept design will be implemented resulting in the Outline plan which is a fully detailed 2D plan accompanied by elevations, giving a clear understanding of how the garden will be laid out. Updates to 3D visuals can also be produced if required.

Detail Garden Design

Once the Outline plan is complete, technical details will be drawn up, including construction drawings, setting out plans and lighting and irrigation plans. These will provide the contractor with all the information needed to quote accurately and build the garden as planned.

Planting Plans

A mood board will be produced for each area of the garden. Once agreed, planting plans and schedules will be drawn up. These will show the position and quantity of the plants, identified by their Latin names. Regular plant care instructions will be made available through a subscription service if required.

The Build

The tender package is produced and sent to trusted landscapers who will be able to build the garden competently and to a high standard, alternatively you may prefer to use your own landscaper. If required, we will brief your selected contractor prior to the build and monitor ongoing progress to ensure the build is completed according to the plans and specifications.

Maintaining your garden

Gardens take time to establish, and regular maintenance is therefore, essential to ensure your garden thrives and flourishes. We can assist by providing bespoke garden care instructions, delivered monthly by email via an annual subscription service. We would also be happy to visit periodically to assess the garden’s development and advise on any tweaks and editing to the planting.

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